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Gnupa forest unlogged


Gnupa forest logged

Australia’s native forests offer a positive and low cost way to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of woodchipping, we should recognise native forests as our most important living carbon stores. Native forests are an essential natural mechanism for stabilising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide in the short and long term.


At its meeting on 23 October 2010 the South East Region Conservation Alliance resolved unanimously to support:

  1. an exit from native forest logging on public lands
  2. the Tasmanian Statement of Principles as a basis for reform of native forestry in NSW

At its meeting on 23 October 2010 the South East Region Conservation Alliance resolved unanimously to oppose:

  1. the use of native forest biomass for electricity generation or any other industrial uses

SERCA proposes

  • Public native forests managed for carbon sequestration, and water and biodiversity values
  • Private native forest owners given incentives to conserve forest areas
  • Existing plantation supplies used for virtually all Australia’s domestic and export uses. No new plantations are needed
  • No native forest products for woodchips, electricity generation or biofuel Government policy distortions removed
  • Genuinely clean, green industries developed in the regions, with new industries, new jobs and job training

77% of people polled in 2009 want no logging at all in native forests and the Eden chip mill closed. Why do state and federal governments continue to support it when Forestry NSW and Victoria admit to losing millions of dollars supplying pulplogs to the woodchip mills? Australia recognises the importance of foreign forests for climate so why do we continue to subsidise the destruction and degradation of Australian native forests in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW??

Now there are plans to burn native forest wood for electricity under the Renewable Energy Mandate. This power will undercut and displace true renewable power from wind, solar, tidal and geothermal sources.

Because Australia has more than enough existing plantation hard and soft woods to supply virtually all our timber and fibre needs we should end the intensive logging of native forests while supporting the transition to existing plantations leaving native forests to mature and store carbon.

Some tasks and projects SERCA's member groups have worked on in 2012



  • Protest action Mumbulla State Forest
  • Public meeting at Tathra Hall
  • Stalls at Bega Festival


  • Public forum at Twyford Hall, Merimbula
  • SERCA Forest Tour
  • Radio advertisements from the don't make me laugh campaign
  • Travelling billboard Save the Forests


  • Public forums at Bega CWA Hall and Bermagui CWA Hall
  • Public forum with Bob Brown at the Community Hall Bermagui
make green carbon count

Bermagui State Forest logged

Logged soil

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