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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | CAMPAIGN | INFORMATION PACK

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Introductionpdf icon572.kb

  1. Climate Change policies must include protection for native forests 1.6mb
  2. Burning native forest wood is not sustainable, clean or green pdf icon2,2mb
  3. For effective Climate Change policies, Australia must have full carbon accounting pdf icon1.2mb
  4. Regional Forest Agreements are neither ecologically nor economically sustainable pdf icon2mb
  5. Better protection of native forests eco-systems will give us greater resilience against climate change pdf icon588kb
    Link to PLANTATIONS DOMINATE AUSTRALIA'S FOREST INDUSTRY. Graph by Judith Ajani from Australian National University for SERCA .jpg 276kb
  6. Critical Water Supplied by Forests pdf icon588kb
  7. Bermagui: gateway to Australia’s Coastal Wilderness pdf icon1.1mb
  8. A case for retaining intact the forest that will contribute to the economic benefits that will flow from ‘Australia’s Coastal Wilderness’ pdf icon1.7mb
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