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Preliminary Media release | How to lobby against the wood fired chip mill at Eden

Over 100 people attended this very successful forum. Early arrivals were able to browse the material on the SERCA stall; view the WildArt works hung around the hall; and see images of the damage done to our SE native forests by FNSW. Musicians Damon Davies, Lisa Stone and Tony Whan entertained the audience and set the mood for the day. Reverend Ossie Cruse provided a thoughtful Welcome to Country. The speakers included:

  1. Dr John Kaye, Greens MP and former electrical engineer.
  2. Dr Walter Jehne, a soil microbiologist who has worked on soils and forest ecology.
  3. A Message was read to the Forum from Dr Mary E White, paleobotanist and specialist in prehistoric plants and their environment.

Part of the audience with Sean Burke moderating

Panelists: Sean Burke (Modertor), Dr Walter Jehne, Dr John Kaye, Harriette Swift, John Hibberd, Dr Judith Ajani, Keith Hughes

L to R: co-organizer Prue Acton, Scientist Walter Jehne, Moderator Sean Burke and renowned folk singer Damon Davies; on stage are Lisa Stone and Tony Whan. 01.08.09

Video snippets

Speaker Dr John Kaye.

Towards a solution: Speaker Dr Walter Jehne (Scientist),

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