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  1. A government devoid of morals. Jill Redwood. ABC Environment. 03.10.2013
  2. Koala management plans barking up wrong tree, researchers say Plus other related stories. Nonee Walsh. ABC. 03.10.2013
  3. Koalas on the outer live life differently Katie Silver. ABC. 13.09.2013
  5. Environmentalists say federal laws fail to protect threatened species like Leadbeater's possum Rachel Carbonell 20.08.2013
  6. 'One stop shop' in forests has broader lessons Sarah Rees and Danya Jacobs. Environment. 31.07.2013
  7. Woody biomass to be used for electricity 16.07.2013
  8. Forestry Corporation fined for far south coast environmental offences Clare Atkinson. 12.07.2013
  9. Forest deal 'greenmails' the green groups Bob Brown. ABC Environment. 20.05.2013
  10. Forest war to continue with plans to burn 'woody waste' with Fran Kelly. 02.05.2013
  11. Voting for the environment Bob Brown ABC 22.01.2013
  12. Anti-logging protesters face crack-down ABC News 18.01.2013
  13. Global warming to threaten Australian wildlife Sarah Clarke ABC News 13.01.2013
  14. South Coast sawmill jobs face uncertainty ABC News 01.11.2012
  15. Scientists predict major changes to biodiversity Bel Tromp. ABC Rural. 18.09.2012
  16. Gunns announces massive $900m loss ABC 02.09.2012
  17. Fears aired over Strzelecki herbicide spraying The Friends of the Earth group has raised concern about herbicide spraying in the Strzelecki Ranges. ABC 01.08.2012
  18. Tree-sit protest breaks record Miranda Gibson's epic protest. ABC 10.07.2012
  19. Study reveals forests' hidden value 07.08.2012
  20. Tanja logging on hold following koala discovery Bill Brown. ABC South East NSW. 31.07.2012
  21. Harvey Norman accused of endangering koalas Conor Duffy ABC News 03.07.2012
  22. Uncertain future for international forest scheme Bianca Nogrady ABC 19.06.2012
  23. North coast jobs go as woodchip market collapses ABC 10.05.2012
  24. Forest NSW admits survey mistakes ABC 09.05.2012
  25. Concerns over new corporate face for Forests NSW ABC 08.05.2012
  26. Greens question logging as SE NSW makes a loss ABC News 02.05.2012
  27. Koalas added to threatened species list ABC News 01.05.2012
  28. Koala listing offers no protection from logging Bill Brown. ABC Online 30.04.2012
  29. Failed energy subsidies push 'fantastic' for forests ABC 20.03.2012
  30. New rust disease savages east coast trees The World Today, Timothy McDonald, 12.03.12
  31. Forest peace funds flow to the regions ABC 11.02.2012
  32. Brown and Gillard in forestry stoush Stephen Dziedzic ABC 11.01.2012 YouTube Senator Brown Sky News
  33. Parker moves to amend NSW logging laws Mark Tobin 27.12.2011
  34. Logging the South East Forests Part 7 Opposition cont'd. ABC South East NSW. 05.12.2011
  35. DSE to probe rainforest logging claims Protesters halt East Gippsland logging. 23.11.2011
  36. Native forests: for biodiversity or bioenergy? Bill Brown 15.11.2011
  37. Inadequate planning blamed for timber row ABC 11.11.2011
  38. Minister declares logging protects koalas. ABC Liz Foschia 27.10.2011
  39. Pellet plant action to proceed ABC Forests 25.10.2011
  40. Inside the (Triabunna) Chip Mill ABC 21.10.2011
  41. Logging the South East Forests Part 1 Koala survey 17.20.201
  42. Logging breaches confirmed in SE forests NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, South East Forest Rescue 29.09.2011
  43. More to logs than jobs Prue Acton 29.09.2011
  44. Calls for koalas to be considered threatened species 23.09.2011
  45. Koala inquiry calls for vulnerable status 23.09.2011
  46. News report on Senate's Koala Inquiry 22.09.2011
  47. Greens fail to stop bio-mass power plant ABC NEWS 30.08.2011
  48. Paper manufacturer loses green credentials Liz Hobday 23.08.2011
  49. Prue Acton interview with ABC News Canberra for Forests and Climate Forum 12.08.2011
  50. Cathedral of Trees at Bermagui Video ABC NEWS 05.08.2011
  51. Woodchip activist gets to keep web name ABC 19.07.2011
  52. Anti-logger's appointment upsets timber industry 16.07.2011
  53. Environmental Groups call for halt to native forest logging in Tasmania 02.06.2011
  54. ABC TV News, Interview with Prue Acton, Richard Green and Gordon Undy at the Natural Forest photographic exhibition, Sydney. 18.06.2011.
  55. Woodchipper rejects pellet levy ABC News 16.06.2011
  56. Timber harvesting boost on Monaro ABC 30.05.2011
  57. Fresh endangered species push for koalas Matt Wordsworth 04.05.2011
  58. SE logging dispute continues Posted Mon 02.05.2011
  59. Lawyer slams Forests NSW conduct 17.03.2011
  60. Forests NSW defends court action 18.03.2011
  61. Garnaut: 'Overwhelming evidence' for warming. Professor Ross Garnaut says 23 million Australians will find millions of ways to reduce emissions if the incentive is there. Reporter Tony Jones 17.03.2011
  62. Economic ripples from Japanese tsunami for Australian woodchip suppliers Keva Gocher, 16/03/2011
  63. Conservationists ramp up anit-logging message at Batemans Bay. 09.10
  64. ABC program "Out of the Ashes" series and comment by Scientist David Lindenmayer
  65. S-E logging activists gather in Sydney 10.12.2010
  66. Activists halt south coast logging 17.11.2010
  67. Blog re recent Eden logging protests 17.11.2010
  68. Will South East Follow Tasmania by Jen Hunt, Mornings with Tim Holt 09.10
  69. Forestry group urges appeal against dismissed charges 22.07
  70. Forestry protest - Huon Valley Tasmania 26.07
  71. Timber industry and environmentalists at loggerheads Reporter: Greg Hoy, Interviewee: Prue Acton 06.10
  72. Poll shows 77pc against native forest logging 06.10
  73. School Buses Meet Logging Trucks on Mountain Road 05.10
  74. More pressure from greeen groups over woodchip power station. 04.10
  75. Motion sensing cameras are changing the fight over forests 04.10
  76. Concern grows over biomass power plant 04.10
  77. Conservationists brace for koala logging 04.10
  78. New front in old growth battle, Stateline Victoria, 04.10
  79. The burning issue of bio-energy hits Eden 03.10
  80. Protestors return to southern forests 03.10
  81. Logging still suspended in koala forest 03.10
  82. Police called as koala sighting halts Mumbulla logging 03.10
  83. Logging begins near key koala habitat 03.10
  84. ABC TV News broadcast Koalas Under Threat 03.10
  85. Logging run-off worries oyster farmers 03.10
  86. 'Where have all the koalas gone?' 03.10
  87. Community battles to save koala colony 02.10
  88. Koala survey a "hurdle" 02.10
  89. Will 50 Koalas Stop Logging On Mumbulla? 02.10
  90. Government releases biggest ever koala count 02.10
  91. Community battles to save koala colony ABC 27.02.2010
  92. Life Matters: Prue Action, ABC Radio 20.04.2009
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