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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc | LOGGING AT BERMAGUI, 2011



People stand in united protest, Sam Davis

A family gathers to add their voice to protect the forests. Sam Davis family of protestors

People stand in united protest. Sam Davis

The image below is of the cathedral of trees which were scheduled for logging. ABC News report 22.06.2011 confirms that ForestsNSW has committed to exclude 'the cathedral of trees' from logging. BJS

The image below shows part of the area to be logged, on the east side of the Wallaga Lake Road near Lot 1613. This area does not contain 200 year old, old growth trees. Only meter wide stumps are seen in the area of older growth trees. The trees are quite young and need to be left alone to devlop the beneficial qualities of old growth trees. The canopy is already sparse and further canopy destruction by logging will be detrimental to topsoil development and growing conditions. BJS

This image shows the recent destruction

The image below take in the area to be logged shows the sparse canopy. BJS

Post logging Bermagui State Forest 2009. BJS

South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | Copyright 2012 | Photographs by Sam Davis and Bronte Somerset, Web Editor
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