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  1. Chipmill Misled Bega Shire Council .pdf 32kb
  2. Woodchipping & the Recession
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  5. Prue Acton Comment
  6. Interview with Vince Philips, Corporate Affairs Manager, Eden Woodchip mill You Tube
  7. Half an hour at the Eden Chipmill corner You Tube

How will the economic downturn and 40% drop in international demand for woodchips impact on SEFE’s Eden chipmill’s proposed furnace to produce electricity from wood ‘waste’, including 70% from native forests?

And where is the evidence that the community is ‘is indicating broad approval’ for this plant? Vince Phillips from SEFE, March 6 BDN. Certainly not from the unmanned shop front they set up in Eden.

In the same edition Clean Energy for Eternity CEFE agrees with the national draft policy statement from the Australian Climate Summit ‘"that biomass from forest waste should not be permitted." and "While CEFE is not opposed to biomass as such, the organisation firmly rejects the inclusion of ‘bio-energy’ from ‘native forest ‘wood waste’ as a renewable source."

South East Region Conservation Alliance, which represents13 groups, has found overwhelming opposition to burning any native forest feedstock for electricity.

Burning native forests whether as timber or under any definition of waste, must be rejected. It is not renewable, according to the Treasury, will produce more greenhouse gases that it saves, including nasty particulates for Eden residents and if it were to be classified as renewable will undercut true renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.
Prue Acton O.B.E. Dr. of Arts honoris causa RMIT University

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