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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | VICTORIAN BUSHFIRES

  1. Planned burns and vegetation clearing will not stop catastrophic fire events: report
  2. Tom McLoughlin: "... it all comes down to disastrous conversion of wet forest types to dry sclerophyll with the weather overlay, both cyclical and systemic climate change".
  3. Quotes on Chipstop from prominent people (scientists, firefighters, politicians, etc) on bushfire debate.
  4. DONATE online to the Wildlife Victoria bushfire appeal at It is very quick and easy and money for emergency rescue and care services is needed urgently.
  5. Discussion on bushfires on ABC radio with Keith Hughes, Greens Councillor with Bega Valley Shire Council
  6. The Guardian UK: Australia's bushfires: the blame game
  7. The Age: Fires the deadly inevitability of climate change
  8. Koala Sam's website
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