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South East Region Conservation Alliance | LATEST NEWS 2009

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  1. Nation must embrace 'awful arithmetic' of Garnaut cuts SMH Ben Cubby 12.09
  2. Kevin Petty's move to 'allay fears' over logging at Bermagui. Steve Strevens BDN 06.10.09
  3. Protect & Plant Forests, An Analysis of Forestry Carbon Sequestration as a Response to Climate Change, by Prof. Brent Sohngen. Released by the Copenhagen Consensus Center, 14.08.09
  4. Court upholds public interest in Brown Mountain forest proceedings Jill Redwood 09.09 | READ MORE The Age
  5. Australia's Climate Action Summit: Approved Policy Recommendations on Climate Change Draft, 2.02.09 192kb
  6. Forest & Wood Products Australia rejects greenwashing claims Weblink.
  7. Breach Inspection Report: compiled by Tony Whan, South East Forest Rescue 11.07.09 32kb
  8. "Protect Wildlife From Logging" say Chipmill Protesters. Swift & Stone 30.06.09 32kb
  9. New Alliance Formed to Fight for Forests 02.09 52kb
  10. Rudd ready to subsidise Gunns pulp mill Bob Brown 40kb Weblink
  11. There are renewed calls to stop logging in old growth forests after new research found they could be the most valuable source of carbon in the world. ABC Radio 16.06.09 36kb Weblink
  12. Politicians spin on the effect of carbon dioxide on global warning is too simplistic. Walter Jehne 28kb
  13. Jamie Durie launches Greenpeace Good Wood Guide and Joint Statement on Illegal Logging 64kb
  14. Green Institute Update 05.06 44kb
  15. An urgent and important message from Greens Senators about the CPRS legislation from Senator Bob Brown 04.05 48kb
  16. New measures for the carbon pollution reduction scheme a collection of papers on the Dept. of Climate Change website
  17. The Age: It's time to stop and get off the Gunns pulp mill merry-go-round, Bob McMahon, 08.01stopmill click for full image.
  18. Call to end native forest logging rejected, Jason Watson
  19. Brown Mountain logging
  20. Prescribed burns are prejudging the bushfire inquiry: Crikey email news, 04.09.
  21. Update on logging activities in south coast/southern region pdf 56kb 03.2009 | GALLERY
  22. Chipmill owner buys Australian paper mill: Harriett Swift 22.02 28kb
  23. Transcript: of Fran Kelly interviewing Penny Wong, ABC Radio National. 23.03.2009. 52kb. Climate Change, Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, Nation Building and Jobs Plan, Household Energy Efficiency Measures.
  24. Threat to wildlife may halt South Coast project, SMH 25.02, John Hibberd
  25. Australian Forest and Climate Alliance (AFCA) - Vision and Policy Principles 01.09 52kb
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