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South East Region Conservation Alliance | LATEST NEWS 2010

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  1. 'Mountains to Coast' Corridors Abstract for NSW Coastal Volunteers Forum, Mike Thompson, 27.02.11 176kb
  2. New National National Conservation Council forest policy: end native forest logging, with a rapid transition to plantation sourced timber Natural Advantage Platform, The Wilderness Society
  3. Chipping Away The Age, Royce Millar and Adam Morton, 22.11.2010
  4. Timber industry rejects national dealMatthew Denholm, Tasmania correspondent, Comment by Prue Acton The Australian 20.10.2010
  5. Labor's forest talk is cheap: ecologist. The Age Royce Millar and Adam Morton, 13.11.2010
  6. Aust. Koala Foundation announces Senate enquiry into health of koalas 19.11.2010
  7. Timber industry rejects national deal Matthew Denholm, Tasmania correspondent, Comment by Prue Acton The Australian 20.10.2010
  8. Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles to Lead to an Agreement CFMEU 10.2010 614kb
  9. Far South Coast logging contractor fined $30,150.00 and ordered to pay the Department of the Environment SEFR 10.2010 41kb
  10. Historic deal on forests The Age, Andrew Darby, 10.2010
  11. Prime Minister establishes Climate Change Committee 09.10 .rtf 41kb
  12. Gunns announcement offers hope for better deal on NSW native forests Nature Conservation Council NSW 09.10 41kb
  13. Connectivity conservation and the Great Eastern Ranges corridor. Prepared by Brendan Mackey, James Watson and Graeme L Worboys of ANU Enterprises Pty Ltd 02.10
  14. The Great Eastern Ranges Proving our biggest and best idea. Stuart Cohen 07.10 296kb
  15. Special Report: Europe finds politics and biofuels don't mix Pete Harrison BRUSSELS | Mon Jul 5, 2010 10:01am EDT
  16. Battle over burning forests, Paddy Manning, Brisbane Times, 06.10
  17. Forest of Kristinas a protest saw point Daily Telegraph 06.10
  18. Mass gathering and chained protestors halt Mumbulla logging, Cyndi Powell, Narooma Online News. 05.10
  19. Constance Says it's a 'Waste of Money' BDN 04.10
  20. Mumbulla Logging is stopped again BDN 04.10
  21. Proposed Eden biomass power station an environmental and climate disaster Weblink - Independent Media Centre Australia 04.10
  22. Logging Protest Continues BDN 04.10
  23. Logging at Mumbulla State Forest halted for now. Narooma News 04.10
  24. Mumbulla forest wins logging halt, but koala habitat still at risk Narooma News 04.10
  25. Koala woodchip protest escalates Narooma News 04.10
  26. Protesters keep loggers out Canberra Times, 04.10
  27. Breaches of the IFOA by State Forests NSW (SFNSW) in Mumbulla State Forest Compartment No 2135 B. Somerset 04.10
  28. Dead Koala shock for visitors BDN 04.10
  29. Another string to the conservation bow Narooma New, 04.10
  30. Koalas can be saved Deborah Tabart in BDN. Steve Strevens 03.10
  31. Woodchip logging in the Bega River Catchment Richard Blakers 03.10 220kb
  32. Tense stand-off over koala colony World News 03.10
  33. The Habitat Advocate - A Habit Conservation Website
  34. Proposed chipmill woodfired power station in the Colong Foundation bulletin. Harriett Swift. 21.10.09
  35. Carr announces Eden forests decision. Margaret Allum, Green Left - 1998 .rtf 12kb
  36. Koalas in the Bega Valley, J Hibberd, 02.10 268kb
  37. Interim Koala Report NSW Dept. Environment, Climate Change & Water 02.10 76kb
  38. ABCTV and WINTV news at:
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