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  1. Green groups attack logging growth David Bancroft the Daily Examiner, 29.12.2011
  2. Native woodchipping sector in rapid decline Warrick Jordan, TWS, The Age, 29.12.2011
  3. Logging issue divides this coastal region Christopher Knaus, Canberra Times 29.12.2011
  4. Harvey Norman Attacked for Logging Practices Elizabeth McArthur Reportage 28.12.2011
  5. Court rules pellet plant a no-go... for now. Hannah Broomfield Eden Magnet 22.12.2011 Judgement | Case Note
  6. Bermagui Forest Forum to look at logging and fire risk. Narooma News 07.12.2011
  7. Rule changes to ease Australia's carbon task Rosslyn Beeby, Canberra Times 01.12.2011
  8. New Economic Incentives for the Protection of Carbon-Rich State Forests. National Environmental Law Review. Mike Thompson, NatureNet. Issue 2011:3.
  9. Forest Update, East Gippsland 10.11.2011
  10. Unnatural devastation Camden Courier. 19.10.2011
  11. Destroying native forests for woodchips is all wrong The Canberra Times 17.10.2011
  12. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, REDD Forests, Tasmania | Wikipedia
  13. Small victory for Tanja protesters, Derek Schwartz, BDN 11.10.2011
  14. Global protests against Harvey Norman's use of Australian native forest timber for furniture The Last Stand 07.10.2011
  15. Art of photography captures destructive logging Port Philip Leader, Prue Acton 07.10.2011
  16. Calls for $36m for koalas' conservation The Canberra Times Rosslyn Beeby 23.09.2011
  17. Fears for koalas as study reveals 'marked decline' The West Australian 22.09.2011
  18. Reflex paper stripped of FSC certification Indymedia 23.08.2011
  19. Wood would do what it does best - store carbon Julieanne Strachan. Canberra Times 14.08.2011
  20. Resolution from the Forests for Climate Forum: Experts Recommend End of Australian Native Forest Logging at national Forests and Climate Forum 13.08.2011
  21. Old-forest loss catastrophic: study Rosslyn Beeby, Canberra Times 13.08.2011
  22. End logging to cut carbon: study Canberra Times, Rosslyn Beeby 11.08.2001
  23. Photograph holds key for logging activists Canberra Times Henrietta Cook 05.08.2011
  24. Police respond to Monday protests at Bermagui logging Narooma News 03.08.2011
  25. Forest activists blockade ‘carbon criminal’ headquarters Green Left Weekly 02.08.2011
  26. Strzelecki koalas suffering from logging: inquiry The Australian 01.08.2011
  27. Bermagui Forest protest – stopping logging Narooma News 27.07.2011
  28. Forests 'the key to reducing carbon emissions'. Graham Lloyd, The Australian 15.07.2011
  29. Endangered koala habitat at Bermagui to be logged John Hibberd Narooma News 15.06.2011
  30. Photographic forest conservation show impresses Bermagui Stan Gordon Narooma News 15.06.2011
  31. Some Thoughts On Sino-Forest Business Insider, Money Game, John Hempton 13.06.2011
  32. Green group campaign 'threatening timber jobs' John Ferguson, Victorian political reporter, The Australian 02.06.2011
  33. A photographic exhibition: Natural Forests - Australia’s wilderness coast Narooma News 01.06.2011
  34. Notification of Timber Harvesting to Bermagui residents From FNSW 27.05.2011
  35. Fines for burning in local forestBega District News 14.06.2011
  36. Southern RFA Koala habitat logging breaches in Bodalla State Forest South East Forest Rescue 26.05.2011
  37. Gulaga Mountain ecology vulnerable to hazard reduction burns: conservationists Narooma News Stan Gorton, 25.05.2011
  38. Summary of the Garnaut Review 2011
  39. Forest peace lost in the wilderness Matthew Denholm, Tasmania correspondent The Australian 21.05.2011
  40. Interim Report: The status, health and sustainability of the koala population Partl. of Aust - Senate 13.05.2011
  41. Photographers gather near Bermagui for conservation exhibition 04.05.2011
  42. Logging protest at Narooma forest sees contractor respond Stan Gorton 04.05.2011
  43. Fears for possum's fate Cameron Lucadou-Wells, 03.05.2011
  44. Forest protests tighten woodchip pressure Graham Lloyd, Environment editor, The Australian 23.04.2011
  45. Why Save the South East Forests?? Independent Media Centre, Jane Salmon 17.03.2011
  46. Forests NSW and conservationists face off in court over Mumbulla logging Narooma News, Stan Gorton 16.03.2011
  47. Estimated employment associated with the Eden chipmill Contrary to recently promulgated information 06.03.2011 29kb
  48. Govt downplaying forest carbon offsets, expert says Canberra Times Rosslyn Beeby Science and Environment 26.02.2011
  49. Response from Australian Paper to John Perkins 25.02.2011 29kb
  50. Chained Protesters Arrested at Woodmill Daily Telegraph 21.01.11
  51. SEFR condemns the latest in an ongoing string of illegal cutting of SE forests Independent Media Centre 20.02.2011
  52. Big Timber Not Quite out of the Woods The Weekend Australian The Inquirer, Graham Lloyd, p.3 19-20.02.11
  53. Link to State Election 2011 Candidates' profiles and Greens Candidate Harriett Swift's radio ads 02.2011
  54. Unlikely Activist in Woodchips Battle The Weekend Australian The Nation, Graham Lloyd, p.9 19-20.02.11
  55. Chipmill project needs more work say Greens Les Murphy, Merimbula News, 16.02.2011
  56. Greens: Kill logging to help Eden Harriett Swift Eden Magnet 17.02.2011
  57. Night attack on forest tree-sitter at Narooma Narooma News Cindi Powell 16.02.2011
  58. Coastal Logging Threatens Koalas Canberra Times, Rosslyn Beeby 16.02.2011
  59. Forests NSW accused of illegal logging Green Left, Simon Butler 13.02.2011
  60. TV gardener Peter Cundall guilty over mill protest Daily Telegraph David Killick 11.02.2011
  61. Council supports logging industry Bega District News 11.02.2011
  62. Forests NSW fined for polluting Bay Post, Pamela Frost 09.02.2011
  63. New report slams Forests NSW illegal logging. Independent Media Centre Australia 08.02.2011
  64. Lois, the local activist Justin Law, Bega District News, 04.01.11
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