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Only articles written by members of SERCA's member groups and published in the SMH will be put on this page.


  1. Fears for koalas under state government's native forest logging overhaul. Lucy Cormack Environment Reporter. With Dr Oisin Sweeney (NPA Sydney). 23.12.2015.
  2. South Coast residents concerned about bushfire risk from logging slash. Lucy Cormack Environment Reporter. With John Perkins (Coastwatchers), Noel Plumb (Chipbusters). 21.12.2015.


    1. Abbott can't see the wood for the trees Bronte Somerset (NPA). 06.03.2014


    1. Subject: Am I cute enough? Heather Kenway (NPA) SMH. 14.12.2013
    2. Native forest sector hiding from the truth Ross Gittins. SMH. 31.08.2013
    3. Clean energy switch possible by 2030, at fossil fuel prices Peter Hannam. 24.08.2013
    4. Trees best left to generate carbon credits Ben Cubby. 08.07.2013
    5. Bigger fines urged to save NSW koalas 11.07.2013
    6. NSW woodchippers at risk after Boral exits. Ben Cubby. SMH. 20.06.2013
    7. Logging national parks won't save timber industry Warrick Jordan. SMH. 20.05.2013
    8. Hatchet job on native forest logging Kirsty Needham. SMH NSW. 19.05.2013
    9. Logging parks would be a disaster for wildlife and habitat SMH National. 14.05.2013
    10. Greenhouse gas levels highest in 3m years Ben Cubby. SMH. 29.04.2013
    11. Minister ignored expert climate panel Ben Cubby. SMH. 08.03.2013
    12. Forests NSW 'broke rules, destroyed habitats for rare animals and plants' Ben Cubby SMH 22.01.2013


    1. Windfall for conservation of threatened species Tom Arup. SMH 04.11.2012
    2. Tribunal orders release of log deal details Saffron Howden, SMH 22.09.2012 | Nine MSN News 21.09.2012
    3. Changing nature of a bushwalk in 2070 Ben Cubby, Environmental Editor. SMH. 18.08.2012
    4. Anti-logging activist breaks tree-sitting record SMH 10.07.2012
    5. Harvey Norman floors koalas, says green group Alexandra Smith Consumer Affairs. SMH. 03.07.2012
    6. NSW is getting hotter SMH 14.05.2012. Also see Climate impacts and opportunities for NSW Climate Commission
    7. Changes to forest body spark union fears. SMH 09.05.2012
    8. Many Predators Putting Koalas at Further Risk Bob Brown, SMH 05.05.2012
    9. You'd be lucky to see one: bid to protect the koala. Saffron Howden SMH 01.05.2012
    10. Macey wows bear pit as MP makes plea for koalas SMH 20.04.2012
    11. Leadbeater's possum faces 'managed extinction' without action Rosslyn Beeby. SMH 27.03.2012
    12. Woodchipping agenda up in smoke for now Lyndon Schneiders. SMH Brisbane Times 21.03.2012
    13. Slipper steps in on tax with rare deciding vote David Wroe, SMH, 20.03.2012
    14. East Gippsland timber destined for chips, power Adam Morton, SMH, 13.03.12
    15. Taxpayers stump up for logging policy failures. SMH 10.01.12


    1. Loggers are clearing bushland at rising rate Ben Cubby 21.12.2011
    2. Can't see the forest fuel for the greens Martin Moroni SMH 16.12.2011
    3. NSW failing to protect koalas: Labor SMH 27.10.2011
    4. Greenseas to drop harmful tuna fishing SMH 13.10.2011
    5. Heavy breathing by plants (esp.forests) could alter climate models Ben Cubby 29.092011
    6. Forestry debate back on track SMH Paddy Manning 27.08.2011
    7. Letter to the Editor: When the boom is over SMH Mary Lois Katz 26.08.2011
    8. Conservationists win injunction SMH Adam Morton 26.08.2011
    9. Harvey Norman targeted over 'native forest' furniture 24.08.2011
    10. Cuts don't see wood for trees, say scientists Sean Nicholls 23.08.2011
    11. Rainforest fibres found in chain's office paper Paddy Manning 20.08.2011
    12. Scant commercial justification for native forest logging in Australia SMH 20.08.2011
    13. Koalas suffering from logging: Senate inquiry 01.08.2011
    14. Repeated logging breaches go unpenalised Ben Cubby 28.07.2011
    15. Bermagui logging 'threatens tourism' 18.07.2011
    16. Wood heaters could go on back burner Ben Cubby SMH 16.06,2011
    17. Green paper needs Reflex action Ben Butler SMH 30.05.2011
    18. Fears farmland will be swamped by trees Lenore Taylor 26.05.2001
    19. Forest logging a big carbon culprit Ben Cubby 24.05.2011
    20. Bid to stop sale of native timbers targets retailers, Deborah Snow 09.05.2011
    21. Flaws in surveying permit logging in protected forests Ben Cubby 21.01.2011
    22. 'When trees fall in the forests' Ben Cubby, SMH 12.11.2010
    23. In Eden lies knowledge of trees SMH Paddy Manning 30.10.10
    24. Deal saves first coupes from logging SMH 21.10.2010
    25. Environmentalists hail court win SMH Michelle Draper 11.08.2010
    26. Greens hail win on logging Adam Morton 12.08.2010
    27. Declining trees spell gloom for planet SMH Ben Cubby 08.2010
    28. Logging threat to village's water 04.10
    29. Forests NSW investigated over logging breaches SMH Ben Cubby 08.12.2010
    30. East coast corridor to protect wildlife, Nicky Phillips, July 14.07.2010
    31. Battle over burning forests Paddy Manning SMH 06.2010
    32. Anti-loggers in NSW lock on to machinery 17.05.2010
    33. Battle over burning forests Paddy Manning SMH 06.2010
    34. We're in the top 10 of worst polluters Ben Cubby, SMH 05.10
    35. Aboriginal site spared from loggers Jennie Curtin SMH 04.10
    36. Eden feels heat over wood-fired power plant. Ben Cubby SMH 04.10
    37. Koala protesters claim victory in forest" 04.10
    38. Aboriginal elders join koala protest 04.10
    39. Koala activists in stand-off with police 04.10
    40. Phone tap reveals bugs in plan to save koalas Jennie Curtin SMH 22.03.2010
    41. Protesters try to save koala colony Lisa Martin 03.10
    42. Logging starts, koala battle goes on Jennie Curtin 03.10
    43. Logging plan poses threat to precious koala colony Ben Cubby 01.10
    44. Logging threatens koalas on the Far South Coast SMH 02.10
    45. Forests NSW accused of breaching licence 50 times SMH Ben Cubby 01.10
    46. Phone tap reveals bugs in plan to save koalas Jennie Curtin SMH 22.03 Weblink
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