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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | LETTERS TO MEDIA AND FORESTRY CORP. OF NSW

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  1. The mystery of the missing koalas in our southern forests came to our attention with the First koala spotted in 75 years in Kosciuszko National Park - ABC. Dr Prue Acton. 14.12.2016
  2. Letter to FCorp. Response to Nick Roberts, CEO Forestry Corporation NSW, Letter to the Editor Canberra Times, 6 October. Dr Frances Perkins, former Chief Economist, Competition Policy, Commonwealth Treasury, and former lecturer in Cost Benefit Analysis, Australian National University. 13.10.2016
  3. To the Editor, Bega District News. Extreme weather opportunity. Paul Payten. 23.07.2016.


  1. To Editors Merimbula Weekly News and Bega District News. All logging always adds to fire risk. Harriett Swift. 02.11.2015
  2. To Editor Bega Distict News. Forestry Corporation Management Costs claim. Harriett Swift. 22.3.2015


  1. To Bronte Somerset from N Roberts re Burying Wombats Alive in Glenbog State Forests' claiming no harm to wombats in recent logging operations ForestCorp. 16.10.2014
  2. To Bronte Somerset from G Whytcross re Burying Wombats Alive in Glenbog State Forests' logging operations EPA. 09.10.2014
  3. To Editor SMH, NSW logging review a farce, green groups say. Heather Kenway. NPA. 07.07.2014


  1. Chipmill Closure. Merimbula News. | Bega District News. Bronte Somerset. 11.12.2013
  2. To Bronte Somerset from G Whytcross re PNF protection for koalas EPA. 21.11.2013
  3. To the Editor re Fire Intensity. Sean Burke. 17.11.2013
  4. To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Batemans Bay Proposed logging in Yambulla State Forest koala habitat. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 23.09.2013
  5. To Kevin Petty Forest Corporation of NSW Re Glenborg State Forest notification of logging where there are historic records of koalas. Prue Acton. 12.09.2013
  6. To the Editor, Forestry Corporation, re Local government rates Harriett Swift. 21.06.2013
  7. To Forestry Corporation of NSW Re Proposed logging in Glenbog State Forest koala habitat. Chipstop. 03.06.2013
  8. To Editors, re National Parks. Prue Acton. 02.06.2013
  9. To Forestry Corporation of NSW Re Proposed logging in Bondi and Nalbough State Forest koala habitat. Chipstop. 16.05.2013
  10. To The Editor Of Regional Media. Harriett Swift. 15.05.2013
  11. To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager Forestry Corporation of NSW Batemans Bay re Proposed logging in Gnupa/ Nullica Forests. Prue Acton 08.05.2013
  12. To the Editor, recreational hunting in NSW National Parks. Nothing game about hunters! John Perkins. 12.03.2103
  13. Mistrust in Origins of Regional Forestry Agreements. Bronte Somerset 02.2013
  14. To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager Forestry Corporation of NSW Batemans Bay re Proposed logging in Gnupa/ Nullica Forests. Harriett Swift 02.05.2013


  1. To Mr Daniel Tuan, Regional Manager, Forests NSW. Logging in Tanja State Forest. Harriett Swift 21.07.2012
  2. Koala Protection at Last? Sean Burke BDN, Narooma News 06.05.2012
  3. Mayday for Koalas. Sean Burke. Narooma News. 01.05.2012
  4. To Kevin Jones, Soil Association/Woodmark; Andre de Freitas, FSC International, CEO; Natalie Reynolds, FSC Australia, Acting CEO. Re: Repudiation of Boral Timber Fibre Exports (BTFE) controlled wood assessment process; rejection of associated Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation process. from: Dailan Pugh, North East Forest; Alliance Ashley Love, North Coast Environment Council; John Edwards, Clarence Environment Centre; Lisa Stone, South East Forest Rescue; Sean Burke, SERCA; Naomi Hogan, The Wilderness Society; Mike Thompson, NatureNet
  5. Scientists Warn off Oakeshott The Editor, The Australian, Lois Katz. 29.02.2012
  6. Don't Buy Reflex Paper, The Editor BDN, Lois Katz. 28.02.2012
  7. To The Editor BDN, Who Pays For The Forest Ferals To Sit Up Tripods? Harriett Swift, 17.02.2012


  1. Woodchipper Protest "Bizarre". Harriett Swift, Bega District News 13.12.2011
  2. Stopping Logging Must Come First Megan Sherwood, Bega District News 29.11.11
  3. Logging Destroying Koala Forests, Prue Acton, 01.11.2011
  4. Destroying native forests for woodchips is all wrong John Hibber, Canberra Times 17.10.2011
  5. To Gerry Norman re 'Use True Plantation Wood, It's Good" Lois Katz, 29.09.2011
  6. ‘Save the Koala Month’ Bega District News Lois Katz 27.09.2011
  7. No compromises by FNSW for Tanja Forest logging 26.09.2011
  8. To BDN Blinding Self Interest Response to Rutherford. Suzanne Foulkes, 19.07.2011
  9. To The Age, The Australian, Canberra Times, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, SMH: Logging Koala Habitat Commences in Bermagui Bronte Somerset 26.06.2011 25kb
  10. To BDN Response to Cr Campbell's letter in BDN June 17. 2011. Suzanne Foulkes 21.06.2011 25kb
  11. To SMH Logging With Disregard Forests NSW Thumbs Their Nose at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act. SEFR 21.06.201137kb
  12. To Eden Magnet: How did koalas survive for 15 million years without any help at all from loggers? Harriett Swift, 16.06.2011 57kb
  13. From M Ward, OfficeWorks in response to Lois Katz’ letter to him and her response to him 25.05.2011 57kb
  14. The Editor, Bay Post, in response to Dave Morgan "Fishers applaud election result". 06.04.2011 48kb
  15. To Bega District News, Narooma News and Eden Magnet re Peter Mitchell's letter who suggested that protesters protest by going on a starvation diet, and donate the money saved by not eating to a 'real' environmental cause like WIRES or Landcare. Dan Katz 10.02.2011 37kb
  16. The Editor in response to Philip Creagh (23-2-11) ‘More balance needed in forest protest’ Narooma News John Perkins 01.03.201141kb
  17. The Editor, Letter in response to Neville Hughes, Imlay Magnet, Mick Harewood & Sue Norman 27.02.2011 33kb
  18. Chipmill Boss wrong on Roads Editor Bega District News, Harriett Swift 26.01.201137kb
  19. The Age, VicForests Operations Condemnded Catherine Moore 24.02.11 37kb
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