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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | LETTERS TO MEDIA

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  1. To Ian Barnes, ForestsNSW. BDN and Narooma News Weekly, Marco Firth 12.09 24kb
  2. Response to John Humphreys. SMH Harriett Swift, 12.09 28kb
  3. Value of Native Forests Eden Magnet. Lois Katz 10.09 44kb
  4. Tuckey's fat-headed forest fiction SMH Harriett Swift 10.09
  5. Response from Peter Garrett to Dane Winbush re forestry activities between Gulaga and Biamanga National Parks. 92kb
  6. Chipmill misrepresents ACCC decision Harriett Swift 09.09
  7. Letters to electricity retailers. ACTEW, AGL and Australian Power and Gas who said 'no' to woodchip power. 07.10.09 84kb
  8. 'More than trees' BDN Prue Acton 02.10.09 28kb
  9. Response Harriett Swift to Bega District News article re Bermagui's 'cathedral of trees' 29.09.09 32kb
  10. Cutting carbon debt. SMH Prue Acton 08.09 36kb
  11. Response to Vince Phillips Eden Magnet, Merimbula News Weekly Harriett Swift 08.09 36kb
  12. Furnace burning native forest wood BDN Prue Acton 08.09 24kb
  13. serca letter to The Manager, Green Power, Dept. Water & Energy NSW 21.08.09 152kb
  14. Letter to local papers: SEFE managers keep silent at public forum. Prue Acton 03.08.09 28kb
  15. Letter to local papers and SMH, Bronte Somerset 06.08.09 28kb
  16. Letter to local papers, Sue Norman 05.08.09 28kb
  17. Letter to Nick Roberts, CEO, Forests NSW Bronte Somerset 16.06.09 1.6mb
  18. Letter to Sydney Morning Herald by Prue on 03.02.09 32kb
  19. Letter to Mr Peter Mitchell, General Manager, South East Fibre Exports Pty Ltd:  Invitation to take part in a public forum 22 May, Bren Weatherstone, 20.04.09
  20. Letter in The Age, We cannot drink woodchips, Sarah Rees, MyEnvironment Inc, Healesville 17.04.09 32kb
  21. Letter to The Age, Beyond Belief, Jill Redwood, Orbos, t13.04 28kb
  22. Letter to Batemans Bay Post, Mike Thompson, 14.01.09. 60kb
  23. Letter sent to Bega District News, Harriet Swift, 14.01.09 36.kb
  24. Letter published in Bay Post, Harriet Swift, 14.01.09 44kb
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