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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | LETTERS TO MEDIA AND TO AND FROM FOREST CORP

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  1. To Climate Minister, Greg Combet in Mexico published in Canbera Times Lois Katz 10.12.10 34kb
  2. Where the Fairness? Comment on Ben Cubby, SMH 'When trees fall in the forests' SMH Lois Katz 12.11.10 25kb
  3. Logging Industry Wants to Import More Loggers - Jobs are going unfilled SMH Lois Katz 3.11.10 25kb
  4. Schedule for the end of native forest logging. SMH Lois Katz 01.11.10 25kb
  5. Letter sent to SMH re Dead Koala Power Harriett Swift 01.11.10 41kb
  6. Editor BDN, re end of logging, Lois Katz, 1.11.10 41kb
  7. Editor BDN, re Vince Philips' lack of responsiblity claim Harriett Swift, 16.10.10 41kb
  8. Laying waste to logging claims Sean Burke, SMH 3.11.2010 37kb
  9. Logging Issues, sent to The Australian, Prue Acton, 12.10.2010 29kb
  10. Time to stop "dead koala" woodchips Prue Acton Editor Weekly Times 10.2010
  11. Clean Energy for Eternity meeting with candidates Bronte Somerset BDN 08.10 25kb
  12. Boobook Organisation Political party responses to Boobook supporter questions. Conservationists mark parties harshly. Gabrielle Dunlevy. 08.10 37kb
  13. Confronting Gillard and Abbot on environmental degredation, Prue Acton BDN 08.2010 29kb
  14. Mr Yoshio Haga, President Nippon Paper Group Inc., Tokyo, Japan English | Japanese Convenor, SERCA 10.2010 1mb
  15. The "waste" Lie Colin Sagar 08.2010 28kb
  16. Re Opposition Leader Published SMH 08.2010 Dan Katz 29kb
  17. Congratulations on receiving a Volunteers' Grant from The Hon Jenny Macklin MP 07 74kb
  18. Burning our forests for electricity BDN Prue Acton 06.2010 44kb
  19. Morinokoe campaign, Anja Light 06.2010 44kb
  20. Stop logging for woodchips and don't even think about burning for power. SMH Prue Acton 06.2010 32kb
  21. Timber Haulage Through Tiny Quaama Village BDN Megan Sherwood, 06.2010 24kb
  22. Forestry crisis or opportunity? History tells us those civilizations that clear and degrade forests die. Prue Acton, 06.2010 40kb
  23. From G Whytcross to Bronte Somerset re protection of koalas in Murrah and Mumbulla State Forests. EPA. 10.05.2010
  24. To Editors of SMH, BDN and local papers Prue Acton 05.2010 28kb
  25. To Crown Forestry Policy and Regulation, DECCW, re Breach of Eden IFOA-TSL SEFR 05.2010 114kb
  26. Pardon me for smiling BDN H Swift 05.2010 48kb
  27. To Nippon Paper Company Lois Katz, 05.2010 40kb
  28. Logging on Mumbulla Mountain on the far south coast of NSW. SMH(Peter Fray) Gina Lennox 18.04.2010 764kb
  29. “Potential Threat” Narooma News and BDN, Sean Burke 04.2010 40kb
  30. State Forest research shows logging does affect water quality BDN Richard Blakers 03.2010 48kb
  31. Koalas and woodchipping don't mix BDN Harriett Swift 22.03 61kb
  32. Kiss Koalas Goodbye BDN Prue Acton 19.03 44kb
  33. Important Issues BDN and Narooma News Sean Burke 14.03 56kb
  34. Flying Foxes in Botanic Gardens Letter to Editor published in SMH Harriett Swift 26.02 40kb
  35. Logging South East NSW to save koalas BDN Bronte Somerset 02.2010 36kb
  36. Koalas The Triangle. Lois Katz 01.2010 36kb
  37. "Not green enough" Letter published in Canberra Times. Prue Acton 01.10 44kb
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