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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | MEDIA RELEASES | 2008 - 2015


  1. New Annual Report reveals yet another native forest logging loss for Forestry Corporation. Chipstop. 04.12.2016.
  2. Further Illegal Logging Exposed In Tantawangalo State Forest. Scott Daines, South East Forest Rescue. 22.11.2016.
  3. New report on native forest logging gives “thumbs down” to Eden woodchipping. Harriett Swift. SERCA. 05.2016.
  4. Loggers Turn Up The Heat On Forests. Lorraine Bower. AFCA. 20.04.2016
  5. Reject Desperate Push For Government Ret Subsidies To Burn Native Forests For Industrial Heat. Peg Putt. Markets for Change. 19.04.2016
  6. Independent Report Backs SERCA’s Call to End Subsidies to Native Forest Logging. SERCA. 21.03.2016.
  7. South East State Forests Floral Reserve. Dave Gallan, Kim Taysom. National Parks Association. 01.03.2016.
  8. Forest Campaigners Welcome Coastal Flora Reserves, but there is a Downside. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. SERCA. 01.03.2016
  9. Conservation groups withdraw from Mike Baird’s predetermined biodiversity reforms. Various conservation groups. 19.02.2016
  10. Penny Sharpe Inspects South Coast Forests. Noel Plumb. SEFA. 04.02.2016


  1. Video: Nature Conservation Council of NSW: Wins for 2015 Kate Smolski. NCC. 22.12.2015
  2. Forests critical to Paris climate pledge says Greg Hunt but will the logging stop?. SERCA. 14.12.2015
  3. South Coast forests a ‘fire bomb’ ready to ignite. Chipbusters, Friends of Durrass. 08.12.2015
  4. South East Forest Rescue Condemns the Latest in an Ongoing String of Illegal Logging of SE Forests. SEFR 30.11.2015
  5. Heavy Logging Blights Gateway to Nature Coast and Raises Fire Risks. Chipbusters, Friends of Durras. 25.11.2015
  6. Senator Colbeck contradicts secret government and ANU forest research Scientists' findings. SERCA. 21.07.2015
  7. South Coast Koalas Directly Threatened by New Laws to Burn Forests for Electricity. By Chipbusters and Prue Acton OBE. 25 June 2015. Link to aerial photo by Richard Green Recent logging along the Snowy Mountains Highway at Glenbog State Forest.
  8. Native Forests Should Not be used as a Bargaining Chip, Says Conservation Group Australian Forests and Climate Alliance. 08.05.2015.
  9. Koalas Face Extinction without Forest Exit Plan. SERCA. 16.03.2015
  10. Conservation groups now united in calling for an end to logging in state native forests. North East Forest Alliance. 10.02.2015


  1. Fearless Summer: Chipship Action Today: Conservationists halt loading of woodchip ship 08.01.14


  1. Logging National Parks will not help south east woodchipping industry Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 09.10.2013
  2. Put Australia’s extinction crisis on the election agenda Prue Acton. Serca. 29.08.2013
  3. Handing Over Environmental Approvals to States Threatens Nature and Business The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation, Wwf-Australia, Humane Society International. 20.08.2013
  4. Mike Kelly tells voters Labor will resist industry pressure for native forests to be eligible for Renewable Energy Credits. Prue Acton. SERCA. 04.08.2013
  5. Conservationists call for Logging Contracts to be Canned Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 01.08.2013
  6. NSW opens door for replacing Woodchips with Energy Industry Harriet Swift. Chipstop. 14.07.2013
  7. Review of plans for hunting in National Parks a matter of urgency. John Perkins, Friends of Durras.08.07.2013
  8. EPA announces consultation on a proposal to allow burning of native forest waste 11.07.2013
  9. Hands off Royal Camp Koalas Dailan Pugh 07.07.2013
  10. New Woodchip Rates Subsidy Revealed. Keith Hughes. 09.06.2013
  11. ‘Was that a gun?’ Hunting in National Parks may begin in the near future, and locals are worried. John Perkins, Friends of Durras. 31.05.2013
  12. Conservationists Call for the End to Million Dollar Subsidies of Native Forest Logging. South East Forest Rescue. 21.06.2013
  13. SEFE makes another (bigger) loss Chipstop. 20.05.2013
  14. Mainland Australian forest conservation groups appalled by Tasmanian Forest Law The Observer Tree. 07.05.2013
  15. Japanese Forest Campaigners visit South East Forests Chipstop. 21.04.2013
  16. New Report Scuttles Environmental Claims for Native Forest Based Bioenergy. Peg Putt. 16.04.2013
  17. Logging and Bio-Energy Industries Must Come Clean on Native Forests AFCA 14.04.2013
  18. Australia's native forests are at the crossroads What lies behind the biomass push? 04.2013
  19. Government Closes door on Native Forest Wood Fired Energy Chipstop. Harriett Swift. 21.03.2013
  20. Hunters are coming to a National Park (very) near you. John Perkins, Friends of Durras. 19.03.2013
  21. Premier O’Farrell must rule out logging in protected native forests NCC 04.03.2013
  22. Forestry Corp may undermine increased protections for Tanja Koalas. Friends of Chinnock. 14.02.2013
  23. Government ‘shooting-in-parks’ plan in disarray. John Perkins, Friends of Durras Inc. 21.02.2013
  24. Chipmill Pellet Plant Scrapped Chipstop. 21.02.2013
  25. Truth about woodchip contract could “wind up Eden woodchip exports business” Harriett Swift. 11.01.2013


  1. Walkers advised to enjoy the last gun-free summer in South Coast National Parks John Perkins. Coastwatchers. 23.12.2012
  2. Breaches In Tantawangalo State Forest. Lisa Stone. South East Forest Rescue. 22.11.2012
  3. NSW Parliament Ignores Hundreds of Years of Legal Rights. Lisa Stone. South East Forest Rescue. 18.11.2012
  4. Larissa Waters' Bill to prevent Gillard weakening EPBC. Emergency intervention to stop Gillard's attack on environment laws. Brendan Sydes, Lauren Caulfield. 27.11.2012
  5. Forests primed for profit. David Shoebridge. MLC. 17.11.2012
  6. Logging in National Parks on the Cards after Env. Min. Dodges questions in Budget Estimates Luke Foley, MLC. Shadow Min for Env and Climate Change. 11.10.2012
  7. Forest Carbon Study welcomed and volunteer contribution recognised. The Wilderness Society. 06.09.2012
  8. Timber illegally felled at South East Forest National Park. Office of Environment & Heritage. 20.06.2012 High resolution photos for news media
  9. Upper House Passes Legislation that Allows 751 National Parks to be Opened to Hunters Luke Foley, MLC Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change. 21.06.2012
  10. Federal Government Biodiversity Funding Puts the Fox in Charge of the Henhouse. SERCA 09.05.2012
  11. Robyn Parker Strikes Again - Claims She is Saving Koalas…in Forest She Has Already Logged Luke Foley, Shadow Min for Env. & Climate Change. 09.05.2012
  12. NEFA Again Ask Ministers to Urgently Intervene as EPA Confirm Logging of Threatened Species Habitat North East Forest Alliance 06.05.2012
  13. NSW Koalas Added To Nationally Threatened Species List. Message To Robyn Parker: Logging Does Not Protect Koalas. Luke Foley MLC Shadow Minister For Environment and Climate Change, 30.04.2012
  14. NSW Forests Given Green Light to Decimate Threatened South Coast Koalas. SERCA. Prue Acton, Harriett Swift. 01.05.2012
  15. Burke's Strzelecki Koala Failure is Plantation Industry's Win. Anthony Amis, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, Suzie Zent, Friends of Gippsland Bush. 30.04.2012
  16. WIN FOR THE FORESTS NOT OAKESHOTT: Australian Forests Narrowly Escape Furnaces Australian Forest and Climate Alliance 19.03.2012
  17. Forest Furnace Bid Fails. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 19.03.2012
  18. Oakeshott Throws Lifeline to Woodchippers Friends of the NCEC, Susie Russell, 13.02.12
  19. Oakeshott must change native forest furnace stance Warwick Jordan TWS 09.02.2012
  20. Statement on Pellet Plant Approval Keith Hughes, 08.02.2012
  21. Third Time Lucky for Woodchippers. Pellet Plant Approved for Eden SERCA 08.02.2012
  22. Labor Calls for Tenfold Increase in Penalties for Illegal Forests NSW Operations. Luke Foley 02.04.2012
  23. First Australian Native Forest Wood Pellet Plant Set to Shore Up Logging and Increase Risk of Fire Inferno in South East Prue Acton 02.02.2012
  24. Activists At Loggerheads With Forests NSW, Not Contractors. South East Forest Rescue 01.02.2012


  1. Ministers Decision Corrupt - Bago Yellow Bellied Glider Population Destruction Conservation Groups Call For ICAC Inquiry Into Corrupt Decision. Lisa Stone 19.12.2011
  2. Parker Approves Logging Habitat of Endangered Yellow Bellied Glider. Luke Foley. 18.12.2011
  3. Logging Industry Puts Far South Coast at Greater Risk Of Extreme Fires. Prue Acton 05.12.2011
  4. Conservation Groups Take on Mining Giant. Lisa Stone, Convenor Serca 21.11.2011
  5. Chipmill Dioxin Claims Backed By State Government Document. Harriett Swift 20.11.2011
  6. Parker Clobbered on Koalas - Mid North Coast Councils Demand Minister Stop Logging and Protect Our National Icon Luke Foley 18.11.11
  7. Bushland Battle: Biodiversity Or Bioenergy? Media Alert for Dr Judith Ajani's ANU Lecture, 10.11.2011
  8. Environment Minister Claims "Logging Protects Koalas" Breaks Election Promise To Protect Koalas, Luke Foley, MLC Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change. 27.10.2011
  9. Woodchipping Is Not Good For Koalas. Harriett Swift 28.10.2011
  10. The Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Decision date for koala threatened species listing extended 31.10.2011
  11. Last of Mumbulla Forest Defendants "Not Guilty". Harriett Swift, 09.10.2011
  12. Japanese Paper Giant Threatens Koala Survival, SERCA, 09.10.11
  13. Koala Crunch Time: Logging of Koala Habitat in Compartment 2069, Bermagui State Forest 07.09.2011
  14. Critical South East Koala Population Under Immediate Threat From Logging, Jane Garcia, 05.10.2011
  15. Forests NSW surprise move on Tanja Logging. Jamie Shaw 04.10.2011
  16. Senate report: hope for vulnerable South Coast koalas Senator Lee Rhiannon 22.09.2011
  17. Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon speaks on climate change and protection of native forests at Forests and Climate Forum, Canberra 13.8.2011 41kb
  18. “Money for nothing and your chips for free” Nature Net. Naomi Edwards. 12.08.2011 233kb
  19. Leading Australian climate-change scientist calls for review of public forest management Prof.Brendan Mackey. 12.08.2011 193kb
  20. Forests and Climate Forum takes on political and union no go area Nature Net. 12.08.2011 213kb
  21. Executive director of the global carbon project says Australia could benefit enormously by leaving forests in the ground Nature Net. Dr Pep Canadell 12.08.2011 225kb
  22. Powerful Political Statement by Australia’s Leading Photographers Prue Acton Richard Green 07.08.2011 106kb
  23. Bermagui Forest Funeral Suzanne Foulkes 10.08.2011 42kb
  24. Conference to Confront Tasmanian Forest Deal Fallout. Nature Net 06.08.2011 41kb
  25. Woodchipping for pulp had been the downfall of the S.E Forests. Sam Davis 06.08.2011 41kb
  26. State Government Declares Logging War on Far South Coast Koalas. Keith Hughes 05.08.2011 41kb
  27. New report unearths systemic illegal logging practices in NSW’s native forests Nature Conservation Council. Jane Garcia. 28.07.2011 135kb
  28. Protest in Bermagui State Forest South East Forest Rescue 25.07.2011
  29. One Million Dollars A Day To Woodchip South East Forests SERCA 14.07.2011 131kb
  30. Bermagui's Forest Vigil Packs a Punch Sam Davis 11.07.2011 28kb
  31. Forests NSW began logging of Compartment 2001 of Bermagui State Forest today. SEFR 21.06.2011 573kb
  32. Bega Shire Council Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Open Door to Wood Based Energy Industry Harriet Swift 14.06.2011 37kb
  33. “Reject it, or at Least Stop it Bludging on Other Rate Payers”. Response to Approval for Eden Chipmill Pellet Plant. Jane Salmon 14.06.2011 37kb
  34. Bega Valley Shire Council gives green light for native forests to go up in smoke Nature Conservation Council of NSW 15.06.2011 88kb
  35. SERCA Natural Forests – Australia’s wilderness coast Sydney Photographic Exhibition 07.06.2011 57kb
  36. SERCA Natural Forests – Australia’s wilderness coast Bermagui Photographic Exhibition 07.06.2011 57kb
  37. Stop playing politics with marine parks say 47 conservation groups Nature Conservation Council. 01.06.2011
  38. Scientific Reports Recommend a Halt to Native Forest Logging South East Forest Rescue 03.03.2011 37kb
  39. PM Gillard Urged to Take Garnaut's Advice and Include Forests in Climate Policies Australian Forests and Climate Alliance 03.03.2011 74kb
  40. Mumbulla Logging Protest and Native Title Cases Reach Court 02.02.11 37kb
  41. Court appearances of a Bega Valley Shire Councillor and others Keith Hughes 01.02.2011 33kb
  42. Global focus on forests highlights the need to protect, not burn Australia’s forests for power Lorraine Bower, Jill Redwood 01.02.2011 37kb
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