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South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc. | SUBMISSIONS TO GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS

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  1. Draft Towamba Catchments Water Sharing Plan. Mick Harewood, 11.09 96kb
    Attachment: Plantations and Reafforestation Act and Code Review.
    Mick Harewood 07.05 84kb
  2. Regional Forest Agreement Review - Dept of Environment & Climate Change NSW John Hibberd for SERCA 09.09 270kb
  3. Submission on the Draft Report on Progress with Implementation of the New South Wales RFAs Canopy Native Forest Committee, Total Environment Centre, Level 4, 78 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Graham Daly, Chairperson, 09.09 60kb
  4. SERCA Submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee, Inquiry into the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2009 and a related bill. Prue Acton 07.09 76kb
  5. Biomass energy and the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target, Briefing paper for Senator Christine Milne, Prepared by Dr Jane Growns 07.09
  6. Submission to the The Chair and Members of Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Committee Mike Thompson 10.06 192kb
  7. Joint Submission by 69 Climate Action Groups 29.05
  8. Submission to the Senate Select Committee Inquiry on Climate policy. Prue Acton 04.09 64kb
  9. Submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bil Mick Harewood, 07.04.2009 56 kb
  10. Updated submission on emissions from State Forests (2010-2020) Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, NatureNet, Mike.Thompson. 06.04.09
  11. Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper Harriett Swift
  12. Submission on reducing emissions from State Forests. (2010-2020) to Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, NatureNet, Mike Thompson. 18.03.2009
  13. Questions on Notice re Eden chipmill power station to the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Energy. John Kaye 30.03.09 34kb
  14. Submission on the exclusion of native forest biomass from the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) Scheme – Exposure Draft Legislation. Coastwatchers 11.02.2009
  15. SERCA submission on draft legislation on the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target scheme currently under consideration by the COAG Working Group on Climate Change and Water. 258kb
  16. Submission on draft legislation for Renewable Energy Target scheme released for public comment, Harriett Swift, CHIPSTOP 684kb
  17. More about Climate Action Groups.68kb

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