PLEASE NOTE There are images of Aboriginal people in these media clips who may be deceased.

Sorry I haven't yet attributed all the people who are responsible for these historic campaign clips. Much credit due to all. If you have a moment, please send me links to more recent clips. Thanks, Bronte.


The stories behind the viral videos from Australia's bushfire crisis | Four Corners. 03.02.2020.


Voices For The Forest MPEG-4. A 5 minute film featuring Monga National Park and logging compartment 517 next to the Corn Trail filmed in January 2019. David Gallan. NPA. 02.2019.

Shall we ever forget the Bega Chamber orchestra playing on Mumbulla Mountain, 19th April 2010 against a background of intensive logging of the koala habitat forest for 95% woodchips?


The Lone Drummer at Andrew Constance's Office, Bega. Drawing attention to the logging of Corunna State Forest where the Sea Eagles' habitat was logged. The Lone Drummer says Andrew Constance HEAR THIS! 09.10.2018.

Sea Eagles of Corunna Forest. Video Elizabeth Walton, stills Elizabeth Walton and David Gallan, music written and performed Elizabeth Walton. Residents requests to loggers not to disturb the nesting sea eagles failed. 09.11.2018.

Giants of Macquarie Street. Residents named the trees and appointed politicians and other dignitaries as special envoy to their individual tree. Video Elizabeth Walton. 26.10.2018.

Finn's Letter - Save Corunna Forest. A young boy's wrote a letter to the government and played his guitar to as for the trees not to be cut down. Video by Robin. 16.10.2018.

The Lone Drummer playing for Forestry HQ Batemans Bay. Video Elizabeth Walton. 12.10.2018.

Corunna Forest - WIN TV. Video Elizabeth Walton, archival material David Gallan. 10.10.2018.

Corunna Forest. Dave Gallan. 2018


Nature Conservation Council on ABC's Australia Wide 03.09.2015.


Wombats Buried Alive Glenbog State Forest logging activities disregards wildlife rescuers' markings idenifying wombat burrows. Bronte Somerset. 05.09.2014


The Cathedral. A stand of eucalypts known as the Cathedral is the centre of a dispute in Bermagui between some of the locals and Forest NSW loggers. ABC News. 05.08.2011.

The Mr Bean of Australian Politics & Renewable Energy pedrocam100. Saying what suits the people he is talking to.

Koala Habitat Being Logged Boambee State Forest. 16.11.2011

For a Safe Climate, We Need Natural Forests...Why? 23.11.2011.

Native forests for bioenergy or biodiversity? Dr Judith Ajani. ANU TV. 14.11.2011.

Are Our Forests In Safe Hands? North Coast Environment Centre 10.11.2011.

Natural Forests: Australia's Wilderness Coast exhibition, Opening night. An exhibition of the works of leading photographers has opened in Sydney, showcasing the beautiful natural forests of SE New South Wales. Prue Acton talks about the destruction of the forests and the fight to save them. Lorraine Bower. 19.06.2011.

Aftermath of Edrom Road blockade. Harriett Swift. 2011.


Forest Forum clip Professor Ian Lowe discusses the economics of native forest logging. Lorraine Bower. 14.09.2010.

Forest Forum clip. Professor Ian Lowe discusses population growth and sustainability in Australia. Lorraine Bower. 15.09.2010.

Ending Logging of Native Forests for Woodchips. Lorraine Bower. 24.07.2010.

The dwindling koala population on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, and the loss of habitat caused by logging for woodchips in native forests. Lorraine Bower. 17.06.2010.

Peter Cundall talks about native forest fueled electricity. Lorraine Bower. 08.06.2010.

ANU Forestry Crisis Talk, Dr Judith Ajani. laying bare the forestry crisis and the potential for solving the long-standing conflict over this issue. 11.05.2010.

Conservationists protest on Macquarie St, Sydney against biomass burning for electricity.SERCA. 01.06.2010.

Tathra women's choir sings on Mumbulla Creek Road. SERCA. 12.05.2010.

World's best practice Koala Killing. Koalas are at risk from huge new machines used for logging their native forest homes. These machines were photographed in Mumbulla Forests, near Bega on the far south coast of NSW. Harriett Swift. 01.05.2010.

Machines out of Mumbulla Forest. SERCA. 27.04.2010.

Music to destroy the Forests by. SERCA. 19.04.2010.

Mumbulla forest protest march, Bega. SERCA. 16.04.2010.

Mumbulla forest blockade. SERCA. 16.04.2010.

Save the Mumbulla Koalas. SERCA. 16.03.2010.

Mumbulla Mountain traditional owner Uncle 'Dicko' speaks about logging in the forest. SERCA. 17.04.2010.

Community members led by traditional owners walk into the logging site at Mumbulla forest. SERCA. 17.04.2010.

Barry Kelly, speaking on behalf of the traditional owners: Mumbulla Mountain traditional owners say 'no' to logging. 16.04.2010.

The start of logging in Mumbulla forest koala habitat. SERCA. 04.2010

Japan's recognition of impact of logging for paper products on Australian forests. 18.02.2010.

Yurammie Rally, Wyndham. Deb Harris. Bravo! March 2010.


The forests of the South Coast of NSW are under threat of extermination. End Native Forest logging Now! 14.06.2009.


Prue Acton asks why green carbon is being ignored by the government. 27.07.2008. | PO Box 724 Narooma NSW 2546 AUSTRALIA