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  1. The Nature Conservation Council of NSW endorses the Great Southern Forest proposal for the NSW and Federal Governments. See extract of Minutes. 22-23 Oct 2016.
  2. Tree-sitters stop logging operation in south-east NSW forests. ABC. 30.11.2016
  3. Article in Bega District News: New Solution to Conflict. Jamie Shaw. NPA. 25.11.2016
  4. Eastern quolls breeding in Canberra for first time in 80 years. Katie Burgess. SMH. 07.07.2016
  5. A future for native forests means leisure, not logging. Dr Oisin Sweeney, NPA. 10.06.2016
  6. Burning ambition: Why the forestry industry needs the RET. Lorraine Bower. 05.06.2016.
  7. Abolish Failed Forest Deals - Regional Forest Agreements Should End When They Expire if Not Before. Authorised by M. Blakers with various signatories. May, 2016.
  8. Voices for the Earth: Report criticises RFAs. John Edwards. Daily Examiner. 16.05.2016
  9. Murrah Flora Reserves Protect Koalas, But At What Cost? Published in National Parks Association Winter edition of Nature NSW, 2016. Dr Bronte Somerset.
  10. Latest flora reserve saves koala at a price. Bronte Somerset. The Triangle. 04.2016
  11. Protesters gather at Cumberland State Forest. Niki Burnside. Hills News. 21.03.2016
  12. Logging conflict brewing again in NSW south east forests. ABC South East NSW By Bill Brown. 16.03.2016.
  13. New flora reserves formed to save remaining south-east New South Wales koalas. Bill Brown. Harriett Swift. Chris Allen. ABC South East. 01.03.2016.
  14. Penny Sharpe: Shadow Environment Minister visits Far South Coast. Albert McKnight. BDN. 03.02.2016
  15. GREAT NEWS FOR GREATER GLIDERS Logging suspended in Victoria's east after reported discovery of rare 'clumsy possums'. Kellie Lazzaro and Elise Kinsella. ABC. 28.01.2016
  16. Coalitions in conflict: Behold the great environment policy jumble! Dr Oisin Sweeney. NPA. Independent Australia. 21.01.2016
  17. Forestry Tasmania’s failings show NSW barking up the wrong tree National Parks Association. Dr Oisín Sweeney, NPA Science Officer, Mr Kevin Evans, NPA CEO. nd.


  1. NPA congratulates Forestry Corporation on its stellar tourism performance! NOT National Parks Assoiciation. 07.12.2015
  2. Nature Conservation Council on ABC's Australia Wide. 03.09.2015
  3. The Nature Conservation Council of NSW turns 60. Celebrate by watching this beautiful movie. 07.2015
  4. Native forests can help hit emissions targets – if we leave them alone. The Conversation. 23.07.2015
  5. Scientists, local conservationist oppose burning forests Narooma News. 29.06.2015.
  6. Eastern Australia listed as global front for deforestation.World Wildlife Fund. 28.04.2015.


  1. Richard Flanagan 'ashamed to be Australian' over environmental policies. The Guardian. 15.10.2014.


  1. Heat could cause 'massive' koala decline. The Australian. 03.10.2013
  2. Comment re Companies to get protection from activists' boycotts Prue Acton. The Australian. 23.09.2013
  3. Mill that could have been greener on other side of politics. Phillip Thomson. Canberra Times. 27.08.2013 | Comments
  4. Australia Reverses Ban on Native Forest Incineration [The Biomass Monitor] Energy Justice Network. Jenny Weber. Huon Valley Environment Centre. 27.08.2013 (legislation proposed. Ed.)
  5. List of subsidies to the forest industry refuting Tony Abbott's stated protection of taxpayers money Lateline 05.08.2013
  6. Forest protection laws criticised Tom Arup. The Age. 31.07.2013
  7. NSW Forestry Corporation fined The Land 25.07.2013
  8. Profits from forests? Leave the trees standing Andrew Macintosh. Climate Spectator. | The Conversation 10.07.2013
  9. NSW taxpayers gain from logging halt Staff reporter. Climate Carbon markets. Science and Environment. 09.07.2013.
  10. Victorian government knowingly driving Leadbeater's Possum to extinction, say scientists Indymedia. 31.05.2013
  11. $8 million losses expose folly of expanding native forest logging Nature Conservation Council 21.05.2013
  12. Kelly not betting on chip mill’s future Amanda Stroud. Eden Magnet. 02.05.2013
  13. Native forest-based bioenergy projects a climate risk: report Climate Science. 17.04.2013
  14. Burning The Bush Isn't 'Renewable' Senator Lee Rhiannon. 08.04.2013
  15. Observer Tree YouTube: Wildfire forces Miranda Gibson's exit from Observer Tree after 457 days. She is an environmental legend in the fight to preserve our natural heritage. Her crusade continues. 07.03.2013
  16. Chipmill Pellet Plant Scrapped Harriett Swift. 21.02.2013
  17. Budget estimates - Senator Lee Rhiannon questions Minister and forests department Senator Lee Rhiannon 19.02.2013
  18. South East NSW forests flyover shows need for transition Lee Rhiannon 19.02.2013
  19. Macdonald’s forestry agreements must be urgently reviewed David Shoebridge 13.02.2013
  20. Australian Government response to the Climate Change Authority’s Renewable Energy Target Review Final Report 03.2013.
    Recommendation: The Government should explore whether the RET eligibility for native forest wood waste is likely to increase the rate of logging of native forests. If it is not, then wood waste eligibility should be reinstated, subject to appropriate accreditation processes designed to ensure that no additional logging occurs as a result. Decision: Rejected
  21. Native forest logging is a broken business model Forest Legacy Project from West Australian Forest Alliance. 02.2013
  22. Yuin Bangguri (Mountain) Parks: draft plan of management Biamanga and Gulaga National Parks. Public consultation due 12.04.2013. OH&E.
  23. Greens and loggers differ over study Manjimup-Bridgetown Times 06.02.2013
  24. Hunting for answers Ben Smyth BDN 29.01.2013
  25. After law change, conservationist fears a shot in the park John Thistleton Canberra Times (John Perkins, Friends of Durras) 02.01.2013


  1. Victory as Ecological Internet Applauds Greenpeace's End to Greenwash of Canadian Old-Growth Logging Forests.org 06.12.2012
  2. Human climate link firms Ben Cubby & Tom Arup. SMH. 14.07.2012
  3. The Rise and Fail of Woodchipping in Southeast NSW Bronte Somerset. Nature NSW. Summer edition. 2012
  4. 10,000 ask Prime Minister to dump controversial reforms to environmental laws. NCC. 28.11.2012
  5. Dead and dying: our great mammal crisis. Tim Flannery. The Age. 17.11.2012
  6. Passionate conservationist who loved the Far South Coast. Stan Gorton. Narooma News. 14.11.2012
  7. O'Farrell Government opens up NSW National Parks to grazing John Robertson, Luke Foley. ALP. 13.11.2012
  8. Why I live 60 meters up a tree Miranda Gibson. CNN. 30.10.2012
  9. Will you help save the Environmental Defenders' Office?
  10. A case of ‘cut staff or close’ Sarah Chenhall. Eden Magnet. 25.10.2012
  11. Greens condemn 'mindless destruction' of koala habitat The Coffs Coast Advocate. 17.10.2012
  12. 'Appalling logging' exposed: green groups Leslie White. Weekly Times. 07.09.2012
  13. Tasmanian Forest Carbon Study Dept. of Premier & Cabinet. 04.09.2012
  14. Call for Koala protection in NSW The Australian 21.08.2012
  15. Why the Madness? H Swift BDN 10.08.2012
  16. Flavour of the Month: Koalas do eat spotted gums Alexandra Seddon, Potoroo Palace director BDN 10.08.2012
  17. NEFA says Forests NSW lied about koalas Mick Daley Northern Rivers Echo 09.08.2012
  18. Hiding the Truth Seán Burke, Central Tilba BDN 03.08.2012
  19. Koala discovery puts Tanja forest logging on hold Ben Smyth BDN 31.07.2012
  20. Cash, Dee ditch Planet Ark Wimbledon champion Pat Cash and 2010 NSW Australian of the Year Jon Dee have cut all ties with Planet Ark over a $700,000 deal signed with the logging industry. Weekly Times Now, Leslie White | 01.08.2012
  21. National Parks Assoc. Mountains2Coast Reserves Proposal Mike Thompson, NatureNet. 07.07.2012
  22. Harvey Norman accused of selling timber from forests where koalas are threatened Frank McDonald, Environmental Editor. The IRISH TIMES 04.07.2012
  23. Saving the Far South Coast’s koalas; impacts on logging Narooma News 16.05.2012
  24. ForestsNSW to become a State owned corporation Dept Primary Industries 09.05.2012
  25. A tough trading environment damages chipmill’s bottom line. Merimbula News 09.05.2012
  26. Many predators putting vulnerable koalas at further risk Bob Brown, National Times WA. 05.05.2012
  27. Koalas get some protection in parts of Australia MSN World News
  28. You'd be lucky to see one: bid to protect the koala. Saffron Howden SMH 01.05.2012 | OTHER MEDIA COVERAGE
  29. Iconic Koala Headed for Extinction Deborah Tabbart Channel 7 Sunrise 17.04.2012
  30. Tree-top vigil highlights destruction of Tasmanian forest. Miranda Gibson hopes to bring international attention to the unprotected status of the ancient forests that are threatened by logging. The Guardian UK. 12.04.2012
  31. Forests face the furnace Graham Lloyd, Environment editor, The Australian. 20.03.2012
  32. Scientists warn off Oakeshott Graham Lloyd, The Australian 01.02.2012 .pdf
  33. Oakeshott besieged on native forest biomass Amanda Stroud, Eden Magnet, 23.02.2012
  34. Bermagui Forest conservationists get reduced fines Narooma News, 22.02.2012
  35. MPs to feel the burn Julieanne Strachan, Canberra Times 11.02.2012
  36. Eden pellet plant still in limbo Ben Smyth Bega District News 20.01.2012
  37. Local member biggest beneficiary of loggers: conservationists. Narooma News 15.02.2012
  38. Oakeshott, Windsor biomass burner scheme Pythonesque Andrew Macintosh, Assoc.Director, ANU Centre for Climate Law and Policy 13.02.2012
  39. Protesters vow to 'take over the world' Georgia Loney, The West Australian 11.01.2012
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